Best WordPress Popup Plugins

5 Best Premium WordPress Popup Plugins

The 5 Best Premium WordPress Popup Plugins

it doesn’t matter if you are using WordPress for your business or just a hobby website there is one fact that will always be true – the more people you get on to your mailing list or newsletter, the more people you will likely generate a profit from. Using pop-up windows was once highly frowned upon because they were used incorrectly and learn visually appealing. Today, popup plug-ins are commonly used because they are eye-catching and have a proven track record of increasing visitor subscription rates by 300% or more. This is a quick look at five of the best, fully featured, premium WordPress popup plugins available.

Best Premium WordPress Popup Plugins

1. Optin Skin

Wordpress Popup Plugin OptinSkin

Optin Skin is a unique premium WordPress pop-up plug-in that includes a robust set of features to choose from. It includes a variety of analytics which allows you to fully test all elements of your opt in form. While it includes 18 elegant default designs, each design is fully customizable within the WordPress dashboard. One of the best parts is you can quickly place the skin anywhere on your blog with a single click. The price of this plug-in ranges from $69 for a single website to $97 for unlimited websites. In terms of features each price point is exactly the same.

2. WP Subscribers

Best Premium WordPress Popup Plugins

WP Subscribers is another popular WordPress plug-in which is priced at $47 for a single license and $77 for an unlimited license. While it is one of the most mature options on the market, some people do believe that the overall look and feel of the opt in boxes included with the plug-in appear a little dated. Fortunately, these are easy to edit and any graphic editor. One of the best aspects of this plug-in is that it also includes a header bar and referral system. Not only can you display a message in the header of your website but the referral system allows your subscribers to get points for referring others.

3. Optin Monster

Best Premium WordPress Popup Plugins

Optin Monster has long been one of the most popular WordPress plug-ins over the past several years. It is a bit pricier than many of the other options available with the Ultimate license topping out at $349 for unlimited websites. While this may seem steep is important to note that this particular license provides a lifetime of support and updates rather than the one year intervals which are typical among other options.

4. PopUp Domination

Best WordPress Popup Plugins

PopUp Domination is currently in its third version release. The underlying code is extremely stable in each version includes a barrage of additional features which make this plug-in one of the most feature rich and robust options available. In terms of overall value, this is an ideal plug-in for many marketers because it is inexpensive yet powerful in comparison to some of the other options on this list.

5. Pippity

Best Premium WordPress Popup Plugins

Pippity is unique because it was one of the first premium plug-ins to operate both as an independent plug-in as well as within the Pippity members-area. This makes it extremely easy to manage what websites your licensor used on. It also makes upgrading to new versions extremely simple and fast.
This is by no means a comprehensive list of all of the quality, reliable, premium WordPress pop-up plug-ins available; however every optional on this list has proven to be an excellent solution regardless of how it is being used.

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  1. Thanks for the article. WordPress popup plugins help you increase conversions and sales. If you’re a blogger or website administrator you should use an opt-in plugin / email capture software.

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