Simple WordPress Theme

Using a Simple WordPress Theme Doesn’t Mean Sacrificing Features

A clean, sleek layout is a great option for any website. Unfortunately, many people overlook simpler WordPress theme designs because they think it means they will have to sacrifice features or functionality. This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are a growing number of simple layout designs that boast the ability to create a compelling, feature-rich website. The key is deciding which approach you want to use. The two basic categories a majority of simple layout WordPress websites fall into are basic themes and full-featured themes.

Simple WordPress Theme

Starting Simple Means Faster Setup Time
One of the first noticeable benefits of choosing a basic WordPress theme to work with is the setup time. Since you start out with a minimal amount of available features the initial setup is easy. At the same time, adding additional features will take longer as you will need to choose which plugins will best work with the theme you are using. On the other hand, choosing a more complex theme will likely require a lot more customization to achieve the simple layout you want. The time savings is realized when it comes to adding features because they are all built in. This means you can spend less time searching for plugins.

A Full-Featured Theme Provides Greater Long-Term Built-In Growth
While the initial setup time of a basic theme is beneficial a full-featured theme will likely offer greater long term growth potential. Since a lot more features are built-in you gain the flexibility to continually expand the features on your site. This doesn’t have to come at the expense of your simple layout approach either. One of the biggest drawbacks of using a basic theme and relying on plugins is compatibility issues. Every new WordPress version comes with numerous coding tweaks which may render the theme or plugins incompatible. While this is always an issue, using a full-featured theme increases the decreases the likelihood of compatibility issues because fewer plugins will be used.

Basic Themes Are Lighter
Another benefit of using a basic theme, especially if you won’t be using a lot of plugins, is they are lighter. This means a faster website and less server resources being used. This is particularly helpful if you are relying on a shared hosting solution. Requiring fewer resources also increases the odds your website won’t crash if you get a sudden surge in traffic. While there are some lightweight full-featured WordPress themes, every feature you aren’t using is still taking up valuable server space. At the same time, the benefit of using basic themes diminishes with each plugin you add.
Regardless of which option you choose, there are benefits and drawbacks to be considered. The key is to consider both the short and long term gains a basic theme and full-featured theme will provide based upon your website’s projected growth.

You can check out Simple WordPress Themes Gallery here.

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