Sendinblue Review e Mail Marketing Service

Sendinblue Review e Mail Marketing Service

I’ve just moved to SendinBlue from Mailchimp. So far, it SUCKS.

The customer service is CRAP – especially if you’re in Australia – no one attends the support desk when it’s day time here, so if you’re stuck on a Friday… you’re screwed.

The account verification thing is just ridiculous, given I’ve been with Mailchimp for YEARS. I have no idea how long I’ll be waiting for them to verify my account.

Here are just a few of the issues I’ve had:

After importing my list (no problems), creating a newsletter (clunky interface compared to Mailchimp) and then sending test emails to myself, my test emails ended up in SPAM, saying that my website’s URL (which I have had since August 2010) is unverified.

Then, when I checked the MX records I now have errors and blacklists – and this is for a site that has over 38K FB fans and we are a recognized leading brand in our niche!

When I then set up a ticket, it took them 7 hours to respond, and the response was so vague, I have no idea what the guy was trying to say. I have since responded to the ticket, begging for step-by-step instructions, but as I’m in Australia, it’s Saturday here, and their support seems to only care about the US or Europe, I don’t expect I’ll hear anything for days – probably Tuesday my time.

So, I have a product launch coming up, and I can’t send an email to my list.

At this stage, I would NEVER recommend SendinBlue to anyone. Never.